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    * Authors of fiction and non fiction manuscripts that have difficulty getting published by traditional publishers.

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The E-Book Process and Conversion Pricing


One ISNB 13 digit number and barcode is FREE when you purchase our eBook conversion file.

e-Book Conversion

It's very easy to create an ebook and it's fast!

We create an ePub document, which is the universal standard that can be read on virtually any device EXCEPT the Kindle. If you'd like to sell your eBook at Amazon.com, a Kindle-compatible file (MOBI format) must be made, we'll provide the Kindle format for an additional $45.

eBook Conversion Calculator

*Please note: Costs provided by the calculator are accurate for books with up to 65 photos/charts/graphics and 65 sections/TOC entries. Please email us for a custom quote if either of these amounts exceed 65.

Calculate The Price For Your eBook

If you want to purchase our services please send an e-mail with your book specifications.

Custom Cover Design, depending on the complexity.

Prices range from $ $200.00 to $700.00.

You will get 4 files:

·         Cover design for eBook (72dpi – RGB)  

·         Cover ready for Amazon

·         Cover ready for Barnes & Noble

·         Cover design for paperback (300 dpi – CMYK)

 Your e-book files in various formats will be sent to you via e-mail or downloaded from our secure server.

Delivery time: 20 working days from your approval of the price estimate and payment verification.

Here's how the process works:

1. To begin your e-book conversion, provide us with a written approval by e-mail. Payment can be made through Paypal (we will send you the link). When we verify your credit card, we will begin work, charging your card 50% when sending you the first review, and 50% prior to delivery of converted files accepted by you.

 2. We require about 21 working days (or less) to electronically deliver a "review" copy of your project for approval either by e-mail or our secure download link. To see your copy, you must have preview software such as Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle, and Nook installed on your computer. You can download them for free from the internet.

3. If you want our marketing or distribution services, please contact us for pricing. We cannot guarantee that your e-book will be picked up for distribution.


Spell-check your manuscript.
Grammar-check your manuscript.
Check all chapters and paragraphs and breaks.
Include the entire manuscript in one file.
Submit a clean document without excessive extra spaces, tabs, etc.
Please make use of standard word processing features such as page breaks, paragraph alignment, etc. For example, if you want a chapter title centered, use the Center function rather than a string of spaces.

File Types:

Acceptable file types for your manuscript are as follows - 
Microsoft Word 2003 (.doc) or later (any .docx) or Adobe InDesign or PDF

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: We do not take responsibility for damage, corruption, loss or theft of source files or content. Our liability is limited to the cost of the service we provide.

Limitations for eBooks

Understand that any eBook structure is like having a long website. It’s done in XML language. Most of eReaders won’t pick up the following eBook structures:

Index Linking – Most eReaders won’t recognize it.

Table of Content – Your TOC has to be divided in many files. Each chapter of your book will be a file. This way, most of eReaders will get your TOC as hyperlinks.

Page Numbers – Page number or foot notes won’t be inserted in your eBook because eReaders will ignore them.

Tables - We typically insert all tables into our clients' eBooks as images. (These images are created by taking a screenshot of the table in the source file.) This design process ensures that your tables will be displayed as you designed them regardless of the format or device.